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Septic Cleaning Services: Three Common Signs That Indicate You Need To Call A Septic Pumping Service

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A septic tank is responsible for holding wastewater and facilitating the breaking down of solid waste that gets flushed down the drain into sludge. However, because a septic tank has limited space, it is essential to schedule regular septic cleaning services to avoid clogs, leaks, and sewer backups.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don't know when to schedule a septic pumping. As a result, they wait until their septic tank overflows to call a septic cleaning service. However, there are signs that will let your know it's time to schedule a septic cleaning service. As such, here are the three of the most common signs that let you know your septic tank needs cleaning.

Foul Smells

As mentioned earlier, a septic tank has limited space. Thus, when the septic tank starts to get filled up, the gasses trapped inside have nowhere to go. A septic tank is air-tight, and thus the gas will escape through the drainpipes connecting the house to the septic tank.

You may start to notice a foul smell emanating from the drains in your sinks, toilets, and bathrooms. If you neglect the foul odor long enough, it can fill your entire house, making your home very uncomfortable. Thus, at the first whiff of the foul smell, make a point to call a septic cleaning service to come and pump your septic tank immediately before the odor spreads throughout the house.

Overly Lush Vegetation Near The Septic Tank

When a septic tank gets blocked, the sewer water could rise to the surface, causing a puddle above ground. Sometimes, you may not notice the pool since the septic system is located in the yard/lawn. However, when the water starts to puddle, the vegetation around the septic tank will sprout up more than in the surrounding area due to the excess water.

If you notice lush patches of vegetation around the septic tank/system, it is essential to call a septic pumping service company to check out your septic system.

Poor Drainage or Sewer Water Back-Up

Poor wastewater drainage can be the result of a clogged drainpipe. However, if you call a plumber but they can't find any problem with the drain pipes, then it's high time you consider the septic tank as the culprit. That's because when the septic tank gets full, wastewater has nowhere to go. As a result, the water may sometimes start backing up to the house drains. Hence, you will notice sewer water emanating from your drains, including the toilet bowl.

If you ignore this sign, chances are you may have to contend with foul-smelling wastewater partially flooding your house. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, call a septic plumbing services company to clean your septic tank and get the drain water flowing again. A septic cleaning service can provide additional information.