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4 Reasons Your Septic Tank May Get Backed Up

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If you have a septic tank, the last thing you want is to have your septic backup and overflow. When your septic tank overflows, there is always a reason why. Knowing why a septic tank overflows can allow you to prevent this from happening to your septic tank.

Reason #1: Tree Roots

The thing about big trees is that they have extensive root systems. These root systems can run far away from where the tree is located above ground. Tees will send roots out far and wide in search of water. They can sense where water is at and will work hard to penetrate a water source once they find it.

What that means for your septic system is that the tree roots will seek out the drainpipes that run into your septic system, and they will send out thin roots that will work to penetrate the pipes. Once the delicate roots get inside the pipes, they will start to multiply and grow inside the pipe, clogging up the pipe.

Reason #2: Grease

One of the worst things for your plumbing lines and the septic tank is grease. When grease comes into contact with water, it coagulates and becomes hard inside of your pipes. As grease builds up, it can entirely clog your pipes. That is why you should scrape and wipe off your cooking tools before you wash them. That grease that goes down the drain isn't harmless.

Reason #3: Flooding

When flooding occurs, and the surface water is not diverted away from your septic tank and leach field, that can cause your septic system to back up. This can be avoided with proper drainage. If you notice the water has been redirected somehow in the direction of your septic system, you need to move the water elsewhere.

Reason #4: Clogged Effluent Filter

The effluent filter on your septic systems helps keep your leach field from items that shouldn't leave your septic system. They keep solids inside of your leach system and ensure that only water flows out.

When the filer isn't properly maintained, it can get clogged up and cause a backup.

To prevent your septic system from getting backed up, you need to be careful about tree locations and clean tree roots from your system. You need to keep grease out of the plumbing lines. Ensure that your water drains where it should. Take care of the effluent filter. A septic tank professional can help you with all of these tasks.