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Water Well Repair Services You Should Know

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A residential water well is an indispensable resource in any typical modern home. When properly serviced, it guarantees several years of uninterrupted water supply. However, many homeowners forget that their well needs professional attention.

If you can't remember the last time you contacted local water well repair services, chances are your well has some issues that need addressing. Thankfully, it's never too late to get your well into top shape. This article will highlight water well services you might need in the course of your well's lifetime.

Water Well Pump Repair

Since the pump is an added fixture to your in-ground well, it's the one that needs the most attention. Your pump will require repair after extensive use due to wear and tear. What's more, constantly being submerged in water might damage some of its components, compromising its efficiency.

If you notice a sudden or gradual dip in your water pressure, you should contact local water well repair services with your observation. They'll be able to come on-site to inspect your pump and figure out the best course of action. To restore your water well back to optimal function, the technicians might need to repair damaged pump components or replace them with bigger equipment that can keep up with your household's water demand.


After installing a water well, you should test the underground water to determine if it's safe for domestic use. While most wells contain clean, safe water, others have to be treated to eliminate odorous gases and disease-causing microorganisms. Chlorination is the surefire way of purifying underground water for domestic use because it kills both pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria.

If you notice a rotten egg smell emanating from the well, the most likely culprit is hydrogen sulfide. A plausible explanation for this gas accumulating in the well is the installers drilled into an acidic bedrock. Chlorinating your water ensures that this gas doesn't damage your plumbing pipes or disperse bad odor into your domestic water.

Well Casing Repair

Every water well is installed with a casing to support the walls and prevent loose rock fragments from collapsing into the well shaft. This ensures that the pump, piping, and electrical wiring don't get damaged by the weight of these rocks.

What's more, the casing acts as the foundation for the sealing ground around the top of the well that ensures bacteria and other contaminants don't find their way into your well. When the well casing develops cracks, it should be fixed before it compromises the structural integrity of the well and the purity of the water.

Now that you are more informed about water well repair, ensure you regularly contact local water well repair services for routine well inspection and restoration.