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Things You Should Consider When Renting Portable Restrooms For Your Outdoor Event

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When you are organizing an event that will host many people, it is vital that you provide special event restrooms for people to use. Renting portable toilets and having a service company clean and maintain them makes it easy to offer your guests amenities when they need them, no matter where the event is being hosted.

Restroom Locations

When considering the placement of the special event restrooms on your site, it is essential to put them close enough to busy areas that people can find them, but still far enough away that they do not become a problem if one develops some odor. You may not want the restrooms close to food vendors, but keep them close enough that people can get to them in an emergency. 

It is also a good idea to scatter the restrooms throughout the venue, so if you have an event that stretches over an extended area, like a carnival or fair, you may want to have special events restrooms every few hundred yards along the event path. Placing the restrooms close to each other allows people to find them quickly and avoid an unwanted accident.

Restroom Quantity

One of the hardest things to determine when considering special event restrooms for rent is determining how many you need for your event. Many rental companies use a formula to determine how many restrooms you will need based on the number of people in attendance. If you are unsure how many people are coming and you have to estimate the number, guessing a little high will help ensure you have the restrooms you need for your guests. 

It is also essential to plan well in advance of the event to ensure that the rental company will have the number of restrooms you need available at the time of the event. If you wait too long to call the rental company, they may not be able to provide the total amount, and you could end up having to source portable restrooms from several rental companies in the area. 

Accessible Restrooms

It is vital that you account for accessible special events restrooms when ordering the portable toilets for your event. While you will not need as many accessible units as you need regular ones, if you don't get a few and scatter them with the other restrooms, you could have people that don't have a place to go when needed. 

Typical portable event restrooms are not large enough for some functions, and most are too high off the ground for wheelchair users or those with a walking disability to step up into. Accessible restrooms should be large enough to get a wheelchair in and move around and should come with a ramp that allows more accessible access to the restroom when needed.