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Plumbing Maintenance: 4 Ways To Ensure Your Plumbing System Survives The Winter

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Winter is pretty cruel to most household systems. For instance, when the temperatures start dropping and approaching zero degrees, water in your pipes freezes and expands. Eventually, the pipes burst. 

Even though such an issue may seem insignificant, it can lead to massive water damage in your home. So, in order to protect your home from winter plumbing complications, it is advisable to capitalize on preventive maintenance. Here are four plumbing maintenance services you need to seek before the onset of winter. 

Assess the System for Leaks

The best time to check for possible leaks in your plumbing system is before winter. First, walk around the house and carefully check for leaking faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures. You should also examine the water pressure and determine the locations experiencing low pressure. Low pressure often signals a leak somewhere along that plumbing line. 

Note that even small leaks can quickly escalate your water bills, which is why you should get a plumber to find the leak source and seal it right away. Sealing the leaks early also reduces the chances of burst pipes when the snow begins to fall. 

Disconnect the Outdoor Hose

Typically, hoses get destroyed easily when the outdoor temperatures drop below ten degrees. Therefore, you should be proactive and disconnect them before your home suffers significant damage. Doing this also safeguards your home's interiors from potential water damage. It is also advisable to locate all the shut-off valves outside the house and turn them off to prevent them from getting impaired in the cold weather. 

Keep the House Warm

Keeping the house warm is an easy and effective way to steer clear of plumbing complications. So, if you want the water in the pipes to remain in a liquid state, ensure that the heating system is functional throughout the winter. That means hiring an expert to check your thermostat and ascertain that it is working.

Be Careful with the Sinks

Clogs in the drains tend to emerge more during the winter since most people spend much time indoors. Therefore, due to increased activity in the house, a lot of waste goes down the sink. Any grease that you pour down your sink quickly solidifies due to the cold temperatures. Over time, it creates a clog. Therefore, you should find alternative ways to dispose of your grease to improve your plumbing system's overall health and functionality. 

It is advisable to call a professional plumber to assess the state of your plumbing at least once in the winter. That way, you will minimize possible damage to your pipes and maximize your home's comfort during the cold season. 

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