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4 Troublesome Situations That Might Need A New Water Heater

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Everyone dreads seeing leaks from their water heater. Even if it is not something you have experienced with your water heater, it is a common problem you might experience. Whether your water heater is making unusual sounds or your hot water has a strange smell, many issues might make you consider installing a new water heater. It is essential to plan and involve a reliable water heater installation contractor to avoid making mistakes when investing in another heater. But the question remains; which situations call for new water heater installation services?

1. If It's an Old or Outdated Heater

Like your other home appliances, your water heater has an expected lifespan. But the durability of your heater might vary depending on the installation, maintenance, quality of the system, and location. If your heater has reached its expiry date, it may start to exhibit signs of failure such as leaks, rumbling noise, or producing rusty water. It could even explode if the pressure relief valve is damaged. When you notice these signs, check your water heater's age. If it is too old, do not hesitate to hire a water heater installation contractor. The contractor can help you upgrade to a more advanced or reliable heater that uses less energy.

 2. If You Are Dealing With Rusty Water

Your water heater has a sacrificial anode rod that protects it from rusting. If you are getting rusty hot water, the sacrificial anode rod is probably depleted, and your water heater is rusting. Besides being unsightly, rusty water can stain your utensils, and consuming it could cause iron poisoning. Therefore, contact a plumbing contractor to install a new water heater.

3. If You Are Not Getting Hot Water

If you are getting less or no hot water, your water heater could be dying. A water heater that cannot keep up with water heating tasks can inconvenience you in many ways. Want to say goodbye to showering with cold water on chilly mornings or wait an eternity for the water to heat up? You should invest in a new water heater and hire experts for installation services.

4. If There Are Pools of Water Around the Unit

Constant heating can cause damage to your water heating system or the storage tank, making it develop cracks. A leaking water heater can cause costly damages to your floors and furniture. Even worse, hot water leaks could cause scalding injuries. For this reason, if it is costly to fix a leaky water storage tank, it is advisable to consider installing a new instant water heater.

Do not delay water heater installation services if you encounter any of the above situations. A competent water heater contractor can help you pick a quality water heater and offer exceptional installation services at a reasonable price.