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What To Expect During A Drain Cleaning Service

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If you have called for a drain cleaning service, you might find yourself wondering just what it is that you can expect, especially if you have never called for such help in the past. When the professionals come for drain cleaning, you can usually expect the following to occur:

Mini Camera Inspection

A lot of drain cleaning professionals will first send their sewage-line cameras through the drains in your home. They can then see the condition of your entire drain line, from the parts inside of the home and all of the way to the street or the septic tank. This will allow the plumber or technician to see the true condition of the drain lines. If there are any broken spots, they might suggest that those are first repaired before the drain lines are cleaned out.

The Drain Cleaning

Once they are ready to do so, they will hook up the drain-cleaning machine and get started. This will shoot a powerful force of water and sometimes cleaning solutions, through the drains of your home. Even though all of the drain lines eventually combine into one line that exits the house, all drains will need to be individually cleaned since some may be in worse shape than others.

Test The Line

After all of the cleaning is done, they will perform a flow test. This is to make sure that all of the drain lines are now nice and clear and that water is flowing through the drains nicely. This is to make sure that you are not going to have any problems once they leave. Some technicians will even run their inspection camera through the drain line system once again. This is to make sure that the powerful force of the drain cleaning did not break any old pipes that were just barely hanging on.

Now that you have a much better understanding of what you can expect to occur, you should feel a little more optimistic about the whole thing. Once you see the great results that come from this type of cleaning service, you will probably want to make sure that this is done again as needed. Unless you end up with a sudden problem, standard drain cleaning can usually be done once a year to maintain clean drains that are not going to produce smells that will linger in your home.

For more information on drain cleaning, contact a plumber in your area.