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Everyday Practices That Could Be Harming Your Septic

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Septic maintenance helps ensure your system is functioning correctly and prolongs the life of your septic tank. Caring for your septic saves money, effort, and time. It also helps reduce any malfunctions which may arise due to improper maintenance. Most homeowners are unaware of everyday practices which seem alright but harm their septic. These practices include the following.

Pouring Septic Additives and Cleaners

The septic tank has some foul-smelling gases due to the biological process in the tank. The gas could seep through and emit an odor if there is a faulty connection through the drainage or vents. 

A common solution in the retail market is buying septic cleaners and additives. These chemicals purport to clean the septic and get rid of the odor. However, they are made of chemicals that can harm the sewage system. Additionally, the chemicals could kill the bacteria, which are necessary for decomposing waste, in the septic tank. 

Disposing of Anything Through the Septic System

Your septic system is designed to handle waste, so any form of waste should go down the drain, right? — Wrong! Some waste could be harmful to the system. For example, flushing tampons, diapers, coffee grounds, and other solid waste down the septic can cause blockage and other problems. 

You should limit the garbage you drain. Oils add solids and grease through the system, which could clog your system, leading to failure. 

Turning Off Power

With the high cost of living, you might be turning off power to the septic system to save on energy costs. However, the treatment and septic tank systems should operate continuously. Turning off power could tamper with the process. So, consider investing in a backup generator to ensure the power remains uninterrupted. 

Building or Parking Near the Septic Tank

The septic tank is located underground. So, using the area above the septic tank is tempting, especially if there is limited compound space around your home. However, building structures, parking, or driving vehicles around the access lids increase pressure on the tank.

Over time, the septic tank may succumb to reassure and crack or break from the strain. Leaks from the septic can cause severe contamination issues. Therefore, only use small machines like lawnmowers around the septic tank ground.

Draining Bleach Agents and Washing Chemicals to the Septic

Cleaning agents may seem harmless. After all, they are chemicals that are easy on your hands and clothes. However, these agents have high concentrations of harsh chemicals, which distort the aerobic and anaerobic processes in the septic tank. 

Have you been doing any of the above? You now know better. Remember to follow up with your annual septic maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Contact a company that provides septic services for more information.