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Septic System Maintenance Mistakes

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The septic system is crucial for drainage and waste disposal in your home. Experts recommend pumping your septic tank every few years. Apart from septic tank pumping, you should avoid the following mistakes to preserve the efficiency of your septic system.

Not Tracking Your Water Consumption 

The average household in America uses 82 gallons of water per person every day. Any water that goes down your drains is delivered to your septic system. Therefore, the more you conserve water, the less it goes to your septic tank.

Utilizing your water reduces your risk of dealing with septic tank issues. You should also monitor your septic system for problems like leaks. These problems can cause your septic tank water demand to be higher than usual.

Misusing Septic Tank Additives

Many homeowners use additives to eliminate solid waste in their residential septic tanks. However, these waste products end up in the disposal area. Too many of these additives will cause your disposal to shut off and lead to septic system failure. Before using any additive, consult a septic tank inspector about when and how to use them.

Planting Trees Too Close to the Septic System

You should only plant greenery that has shallow roots near your septic tank, drain field, and perforated pipes. Remember, tree and shrub roots look for the closest source of water. Therefore, planting them too close to your septic system will cause them to clog the pipes and drain field.

Furthermore, aggressive roots may also infiltrate the septic tank leading to soil contamination and cracks. If they are large trees near your system, relocate them a few feet away. You can replace them with maple trees or dogwood to prevent large roots from attacking the septic tank.

Covering Your Drain Field With Concrete

You shouldn't cover the area over your drain field with concrete or asphalt. Experts recommend planting grass over this area. Many people prefer concrete because it contains the smell of sewage. One of the benefits of grass is that it ensures the soil doesn't erode. It also eliminates excess water.

Ignoring Septic Issues

One of the biggest septic maintenance mistakes is ignoring minor issues. If you notice a lingering smell outside the drainage tank, it means either your septic tank is full, or there is a leakage.

Other common issues are slow drains and gurgling toilets. Failing to address these issues early by pumping your tank could lead to a complete failure of your septic system. If you notice any unusual signs with your drainage or septic system, consult a professional for an accurate diagnosis.