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Factors To Consider When Picking A Porta Potty Rental

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Portable toilet rentals are a must-have when hosting an outdoor function. You might also need some on your construction site or when your toilet is out of order. But how do you go about renting a portable toilet? Well, choosing the best porta potty is easy if you consider the following factors.


As much as you are hosting an outdoor event, you don't have to overspend on portable toilet rentals. It would be a relief if you spent less on the rentals. Therefore, before you pick a porta potty rental, ensure you get quotes from multiple companies. And to ensure you get accurate quotes, you must give precise details of the event. You can then choose a company that fits your budget.

Support Availability

Hosting events requires much planning. And for your event to be successful, you must ensure that emergencies are addressed promptly. So, you must confirm that the company you are about to hire offers emergency support 24/7. This way, your guests won't suffer a lot due to portable restrooms that are out of order. 

Cleaning Standards

A company's cleaning standards are also a factor you must consider. Of course, you can gauge the cleaning standard of a specific company by asking them how often they clean the toilets during an event. And since events have all types of people, porta potties can get dirty pretty quickly. Therefore, you'll need the company to have a team on standby to do the cleaning.

Delivery Times

Your state likely has many companies that provide porta potty rentals. However, you'll need to choose one that has fast delivery times. At least you can plan your event knowing that the company you have picked will deliver the portable restrooms on time. Besides, companies with fast delivery times will come through for you during emergencies. 

Keep in mind that some companies will require you to book the portable toilets in advance because of their schedule and the number of customers they have.

Porta Potty Rental Features

Porta potties are available in various variations, but most events require you to use standard porta potties. A standard package comes with a toilet and a urinal in the stalls. However, you might add a couple of handicap-accessible porta potties just in case you have guests with disabilities. 

Additional features you can request include, lighting, hand-washing stations, and porta potties with more space.

Before you choose which porta potties are right for your event, you should consider the type of event you're having, the number of guests that will be there, and where you'll be placing the portable toilets. These are all things to discuss with the rental company to get the best portable toilets for your event. 

Contact a local portable toilet service to learn more.