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3 Telltale Signs That Tree Roots Are Growing In Sewer Lines And Require Emergency Plumbing Repair Services

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Some homeowners are shocked at the possibility of having tree roots growing in their sewer lines. There are a variety of strange signs such as sinkholes in a law that can indicate this phenomenon exists. Homeowners should not wait for all the signs to appear. As soon as it is suspected that this issue exists, they should seek out plumbing repair services.

An inspection using a sewer camera can confirm whether tree roots are the culprit. There are other types of blockages that can occur in sewer lines such as the build-up of mineral deposits or trapped foreign objects that get flushed down toilets or enter sink and shower drains. The following points identify a few things a homeowner might notice if there are tree roots growing in their sewer lines. 

Gurgling Sounds from Drains

Homeowners may notice that they hear gurgling noises when they flush their toilets or after taking a shower. the sounds are produced by air and water in the sewer lines. The water has to push past tree roots and when it does the air pocket or opening produces the sound. Eventually, the gurgling noises will stop and a sewage backup is likely. This can happen as the roots continue to grow and form a full obstruction.

Slow Drainage

This might not be a tree root issue if it is only affecting a specific drain. However, if all of the drains in a home have slow drainage, the plumbing system likely has an obstruction in the sewer lines. Nearby trees, especially the species that have invasive roots, are likely the culprit. Tree roots gravitate to sewer lines for the abundant water supply and nutrients. The process usually starts with tiny cracks in the lines leaking water and the roots being attracted to it until they eventually invade the cracks and start growing.


Patterns of sinkholes in a lawn are indicative of advanced tree root activity. It is a sign that the tree roots have grown to the point of breaking the pipes. Sinkholes are likely to be accompanied by soft wet spots which are indicative of water leaks. Homeowners are also likely to notice low water pressure at this advanced stage.

A plumber is a good resource to use to understand the risks associated with tree roots growing in sewer lines. The issue can damage more than the plumbing system. There is a risk of contaminated water or raw sewage backing up in drains. This can cause water damage and a need for cleanup and restoration services. If the tree roots are the result of a tree planted near a home, individuals should consider tree removal or relocation to prevent reoccurrence. Hydro-jetting plumbing services can be used to force the roots out of the lines.