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Talk To A Septic Tank Installation Company To Get Your New Septic Tank

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Building a new house lets you have the dream house you have always wanted. While you are building your new home, there are all kinds of things you must ensure are installed at your house. One of them is a way to handle the wastewater that is generated in your house. If you don't live close enough to hook into the municipal sewer line, you have to come up with another way, which can be a septic system. A septic system comprises a two-chambered tank to hold the wastewater and a leach field where the water drains out of the tank. When you need to have a system installed, you need to talk to a septic installation company so that they can start work at your house.  


One of the things that the installation company will need to do is look at your property. There are building codes and regulations that surround any construction job, including installing a septic tank. The installation company will need to do a physical examination of your property or have access to a survey of your property so that they can narrow down the best places to put your septic tank. The tank needs to be placed a specific distance from your house, your property line, and your water source so that it doesn't contaminate anything. 

Soil Test

Different kinds of soil will react in different ways. Sandy soil won't compact the same way that loamy soil will. Clay soil will drain differently than sandy or loamy soil. The septic tank installation company needs to know what kind of soil you have because the tank needs to be able to drain correctly, so knowing the soil's default state is important. When the septic tank installation company gets the results back, they can plan what they will need to do to the soil in the leach field so that it will drain correctly. They will already have to do some things, like adding in gravel to help boost drainage, but if you have a heavy clay soil, other things need to be done to counteract the drainage and compaction issues that clay can cause. 

If you are building your new house off the municipal sewer line, you need to talk to a septic tank installation company to schedule a septic tank installation. The installation company will start the process so you can manage your house's wastewater. 

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